When the sky falls... it will be every man for himself.

Loki and Thor from "Thor" (2011).

Далее - более специфичные арты того же автора, но уже не по фильму, а по мифологии.
Там есть намек на слэш и часть персонажей без одежды, так что осторожно.

the death of Вaldur

the most beautiful hair in the nine realms
For a class, I rewrote the norse myth, “The Treasures of the Gods” — the one where Loki’s mouth gets sewn shut —, and this was an illustration for it. I changed it a fair bit, and one major difference was that instead of shearing Lady Syf’s hair for no reason other than mischief, Loki is motivated by jealousy. So when he cuts it, he takes it and eventually weaves it into his own. Blah blah basically I’m ignoring the canon of the myths and doing with them what I want.

suckers at twelve o’clock.
Loki and Odin. You don’t want to catch their eyes.

the flatterer

“In that case,” said Brokk, “since your head is mine, at least I’ll stop your sweet talk. I’ll sew your lips together.”

loki and odin (in my made-up version of norse mythology)

loki’s monsters
Just want to note: even though the most common versions of the tale say that Hel (the Goddess of Decay and Death), Fenrir (the wolf), and Jormungandr (the serpent) were children of the union of Loki and a giantess, I’ve found at least one scholarly essay that asserts that they were in fact mothered by Loki while he was in a female form.
My own interpretation of Loki is that [he’s] impossible to define sex-/gender-wise. Sometimes male, sometimes female, sometimes combinations of the two, and always changing. I mean, okay yes, I’m predisposed to like gender-queer characters, but my interpretation of Loki’s gender also goes along with how I view [him] as a deity: [he’s] fire, ever-destroying and ever-creating, and self-sustaining.

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